Commercial Carbon Calculator

Carbon Trust Small and Medium Sized Business Toolkit
The Carbon Trust has developed a service tailored exclusively to small businesses with everything you need to minimise your carbon emissions and save money. Registration on the Carbon Trust’s website is required to gain access to this service.


Construction Activities Carbon Calculator

Environment Agency Carbon Calculator for Construction Activities
The Environment Agency offer a downloadable carbon calculator in Excel format, which allows businesses associated with the construction industry to assess their carbon emissions. Download a copy of the calculator.

Carbon Calculators

Carbon calculators are a great way of estimating the emissions from your home or business. With this information you can then implement methods to reduce your carbon footprint, such as more efficient work practices or the installation of renewable technologies.

Residential Carbon Calculator

Direct.Gov Carbon Calculator
The Act on C02 Carbon Calculator allows anyone to calculate their carbon footprint and receive a personalised action plan with recommendations on how it can be reduced.