Energy and Transport

As a founder member of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, Miller Pattison, a division of SIG is active in seeking the raising of mandatory standards for thermal insulation. Reducing energy consumption is a priority for its operations. This is targeted both through reducing the amount of fuel used in delivery and by increasing the efficiency of lighting and maximising the use of natural light in the Group’s properties.

Miller Pattison has a policy of introducing, as vehicles become due for renewal, the most energy efficient vehicles commercially available, (currently considered to be Euro IV category engines). We employ staff to teach drivers in techniques aimed at reducing accidents and damage (safe driving) and to drive vehicles using methods and practices which will reduce fuel consumption. All vehicles are regularly serviced to ensure that vehicle emissions are kept to a minimum.

The Transport staff in each location are required to make the most efficient use of vehicles, consistent with meeting customer requirements. Techniques used include maximising vehicle loading (within legal limits) so reducing vehicle numbers, and route planning, to minimise distances travelled and thereby fuel usage. Vehicles are being fitted with route planning equipment whenever it is practical and cost effective to do so. This is aimed at using the most fuel efficient route for each journey. A scheme to reduce the amount of motor fuel used relative to the number of journeys and the number of installs, by a minimum of 1% per annum, began in 2005.