As the UK's leading specialist of insulation and related materials our core business is focused on the reduction of energy consumption and the subsequent reduction in harmful environmental impacts. Environmental objectives and targets have been established at relevant functions and levels within the organisation.

Miller Pattison strives to:-

  • Minimise the use of all materials, supplies and energy - and wherever possible use renewable or recyclable materials.
  • Minimise the quantity of waste produced in all aspects of our business. Mentally sound transport policy.
  • Communicate our environmental policy to all staff and encourage them to participate in the achievement of our goals.
  • Supply and promote, wherever possible, those products, which contribute to energy conservation and do not damage the environment.
  • Ensure that the company continues to meet present and future environmental standards and legislation.

Miller Pattison has identified the significant environmental impact of its operations and implemented measures to minimise them. To view these, together with some of the actions taken to minimise click a link on the left.