Case Study

We recently installed this Solar Swimming Pool Water Heating System for a customer in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The owner had concerns over the increasing costs involved in heating the pool, so came to us for a solution. The primary heating source used to be an gas heater which had to be switched on all the time to maintain the pool temperature. The gas heater had also been complemented in recent years with an evacuated tube solar thermal panel, which was under sized for the size of the pool and provided no real noticeable benefit.

After our design team had carried out a full assessment of the pool we proposed that the evacuated tube panel should be made redundant and replaced with a system more suited to the size of the pool. Based on the size of the pool we recommended a 14 panel system, which would be able replace the existing gas heater as the primary heating source; the gas heater would then be used as a back up to the panels. Because the system we recommend had been sized correctly we estimated that it would provide a large percentage of the hot water needs and would offer a payback period of only a few years.

After the installation we went back to our customer’s property to find out what impact the solar panels had. Our customer told us that the panels had made a huge difference. The gas heater no longer had to be switched on all the time, in fact it was only used from 11pm to 5am to maintain the pools temperature over night, and the Solar Water Heating System provided the water heating for the rest of the day. That’s 18 hours of heating supplied by the Solar Panels! Because of this we expect the customer to make significant savings over the next year.

The installation had been a real success!