Step 1: Why do you need to change?

Fossil fuels provide us with a great source of energy. But at what cost? We have built up an unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels and it is estimated that if we continue to consume these supplies at the current rate, the cost involved in sourcing and processing fossil fuels will be prohibitive to use in domestic homes. The environmental cost of using fossil fuels is also significant. You just have to look at the news headlines to see the effects! Polar Melt Down! Sea Level Rising! Climate Change! Air Pollution!

So, with fuel costs rising, fossil fuel supply’s diminishing and the impact on the environment becoming more and more obvious it has never looked more attractive to look at other viable, cleaner ways of sourcing the energy for our homes. Solar Hot Water Heating Systems should now be viewed as a real alternative, providing a large percentage of your yearly supply of hot water without producing any pollutants and with panel life expectancies of 35 years plus our systems offer real peace of mind. By investing in a Solar Hot Water Heating System you will be able to protect yourself against future fuel price rises by harnessing the free energy of the Sun and convert it into savings of up to 70% on your hot water heating bills. The carbon emissions produced during manufacture are kept to a minimum and with a payback time on those emissions of just a couple of years, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that your impact on the environment will be significantly reduced as well.

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