Step 2: How do our systems work?

Would you be surprised if somebody told you that solar panels work effectively in temperatures of 0°C and below? It is a common misconception that solar systems only convert the Sun’s heat into useable energy, this is simply not true. The panels are powered by Sun light; this doesn’t have to be direct sunlight! Even on a cloudy day you can rest assured that our system will produce enough energy for your hot water.

Solar panels act like a mini power station on your roof. They collect Sun light which is absorbed by the panel’s specially engineered surface and convert it into heat. This heats up the heat transfer fluid in the copper heat transfer pipe to a temperature higher than the water temperature in your hot water cylinder. When a temperature greater than that in the hot what cylinder is achieved a digital controller activates a pump which pumps the heat transfer fluid through the heat transfer pipework in your hot water cylinder and heats up the water. When there is sufficient hot water in the hot water cylinder the pump stops. If the temperature in the hot water cylinder drops, or water is drawn off the pump starts again bringing the water temperature back up to the desired level. We fully expect our systems to provide up to 70% of your yearly hot water needs. We recognise that during the winter when days are short our systems will make a smaller contribution to your hot water than during the summer when days are longer, when our systems could provide you with up to 93% of your hot water needs.

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