Step 4: Can your Solar Hot water Heating Systems be used to heat my swimming pool?

Heating a swimming pool is very expensive! This is due to the large amounts of water that need to be heated and the temperature of the water being maintained. Conventional heating systems use fossil fuels which are expensive and harmful to the environment. Miller Pattison can offer a green solution to this problem. Whether you have an indoor, or an outdoor pool our Solar Hot Water Heating Systems are the ideal solution to cutting the cost’s and carbon emissions involved in running a swimming pool.

Because we realise that most swimming pools are different we don’t offer a standard package. But we do offer a dedicated design team that will assess your swimming pool on an individual basis, creating a bespoke system tailored to your exact requirements so we can guarantee that the system you invest in will meet your expectations.

Our swimming pool Solar Hot Water Heating Systems work by collecting sun light which is absorbed by the panel’s specially designed surface and convert this energy into heat. When the heat transfer fluid in the panel has been heated to the correct temperature it is pumped to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger then carries the heat, but not the heat transfer fluid, to the pool water. Our swimming pool systems have all the same benefits as our domestic systems but have very short payback periods.

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