Waste Reduction

Miller Pattison works with its suppliers to minimise primary and secondary packaging, while maintaining necessary levels of packaging to ensure that the product arrives with the customer in perfect condition.
Miller Pattison has recognised that the major impact of the organisation on environmental waste is through packaging and has taken a proactive approach to minimise the amount of new packaging entering the market and the amount of waste generated at branch level.

This is achieved by:

  • Returning reusable pallets to suppliers and similarly recovering used pallets from customers.
  • Reusing packaging opened at branch level for internal transfers and deliveries.
  • Actively taking part in recycling and reclamation schemes through the Company’s membership of Cleanapak and working closely with suppliers to improve the accuracy of data. Miller Pattison meets its responsibilities under the packaging waste regulations in the UK through Cleanapak’s compliance scheme.
  • Implementation of electronic communication which has resulted in a significant reduction in internal paperwork.